Here´s a small but growing collection of common reef fish occuring in Micronesia.

According to @fishbase (10/2017) there´s a total of 1070 reef-associated fish species out of 88 families occuring in the waters of Micronesia…

It has to be mentioned, that this list excludes the pelagic and deep water species of the high seas. All in all, Fishbase lists 1229 fish species for Micronesia, including 64 fresh water fishes. Most of these species have a wide range of occurrence which stretches over the whole tropical Indopacific, in many cases from the Red Sea to the central pacific. But there are also 6 endemic species which exclusively occur only in Micronesia. The number of species in Micronesia declines from west to east – corresponding to the increasing distance from the Coral Traingle, that area with the highest biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific:

Yap > Chuuk > Pohnpei > Kosrae

Due to far distances and strong ocean currents more and more species do not manage to expand their geographic range farther to the east. Meyers, R.F. (1999) provided a list of 347 fish species for Yap and Ulithi in his book “Micronesian Reef Fishes”. According to Allen, G.R. (2007) the total known fish fauna of Yap State (Yap, Ngulu and Ulithi) stands at 787 species in 275 genera and 76 families.

The most speciose families in the Yap region are Gobies (Gobiidae) with 103 species, wrasses (Labridae) with 92, damselfishes (Pomacentridae) with 68, groupers (Serranidae) with 47, butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae) with 34 and surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae) with 34 species respectively.

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