Marine Biology Weeks

Marine Biology Weeks

Marine Biology Weeks Flyer
27th oct. - 9th nov. 2019 Contact
Eco-adventure for everyone!
Divers, snorkelers and non-divers can learn about and help conserve precious coral reefs in an active workshop at Yap.

* Sampling & stereomicroscope-sessions
* Teamwork with marinebiology methods
* Explore the biodiversity of coral reefs
* Marine biology quiz

In october / november 2019, the second “Marine Biology Weeks” event will take place at Manta Ray Bay Resort on Yap / Micronesia. Marine biologist Stephan Moldzio will be offering three different workshops:

  • Marine Biology Workshop “Basic”
    Coral reef ecology, food web, marine conservation
    Learning about fish – family ID and ecology
    Sampling sand, rubble and plankton
    Stereomicroscope sessions and zoological drawing
    Guided dives
    Marinebiology quiz
    Workshop booklet & certificate

  • Marine Biology Workshop “advanced”
    Fish species list, working with scientific databases
    Exploration of the mangrove ecosystem
    Stereomicroscope sessions and invertebrate ID
    Guided dives (one night dive)
    Marinebiology quiz
    Workshop booklet & certificate

  • Coral ID Workshop
    Introduction into coral biology and coral ID
    Classroom lessons and underwater sessions
    Guided dives (one fluorescent night dive)
    Marinebiology quiz
    Workshop booklet & certificate


Marine Biology Weeks 2017 im Manta Ray Bay Resort
Mangroves of Yap

Course schedule

During the Marine Biology Workshop „basic“ and „advanced“, we will take samples of reef rock, plankton, sand and investigate them further under the stereomicroscope. We practise fish and invertebrate identification and deal with their biology and ecological role in the reef.
The focus of the “basic” workshop is coral reef ecology:
The mechanisms of reef building and – erosion, zonation of a coral reef, functional groups, food web, as well as today’s threats to coral reefs and environmental protection.
During the “advanced” workshop, we will focus more on species identification, work with zoological databases to make up species lists, as well as learn about some marine biological methods.
In the Coral ID Workshop, we will deal extensively with the reefs´ “architects” and learn how to determine them down to genus level. The coral determination is based on the Indopacific Coral Finder by Russell Kelley.
Alongside the coral reef ecosystem, we will also explore the mangrove forests, which play a vital role not only as a nursery for many reef fish, but also for coastal protection and food supply.
Another part of the program are evening lectures, a marine biology quiz and (fluorescence) night dives, as well as an island tour to explore the fascinating culture of yap.
Of course, the sharks and mantas that have made this international top spot famous will not be neglected.
An absolute special tip for an unforgettable, marine biology diving experience!

The workshop is suitable for divers AND snorkellers AND non-divers.
The minimum age is 6 years. No previous knowledge is required. The three courses build on each other. The “basic” workshop is suitable for all knowledge levels. The “advanced” and coral ID workshops are recommended especially for experienced nature lovers. Diving courses can be booked on site.
Language in course: german and english

Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers

Yap island is surrounded by a 1-2 km broad fringing reef, that is interrupted by several channels, inside there are highly structurated lagoons and bays. Along the coastline there are extensive mangrove forests which play an essentail role e.g. for coastal protection, as a nursery for reef fish, as well as providing a constant nutrient and food supply for the adjacent ecosystems. All this creates a diverse underwater world where stunning dives are guaranteed.
The state of Yap established a manta ray sanctuary in 2008 and houses a healthy manta and shark population. Practically every day there is the possibility to dive with mantas at one of the cleaning stations. In two special shark dives, different reef sharks. The reefs around Yap are also home to a variety of small marine life such as mandarin fish, leaf scorpionfish, shrimpgobies and pistol shrimps, nudibranches, or mantis shrimps.
The Yap Divers are the diving pioneers on site with the most knowledgeable guides – some have been working for the family business since 1986.
The Yap Divers are certified as SSI Diamond Dive Resort, PADI 5 Star Dive Center and Mares Premium Dive Center.
Yap has four main diving areas and more than 50 designated dive sites.
Yaps traditional culture can be experienced every day through village visits, performances and excursions from the resort.

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