Kids diving courses PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team

Many enthusiastic divers and parents ask themselves the question:
At what age can my child actually learn scuba diving?
Possibly with the ulterior motive to take them under water someday and dive together… 🙂  Well, the answer to this question is: 8.

At the age of eight, children can get an insight into scuba diving, exclusively in the swimming pool (not in “open water”, i.e. in the lake or the sea). 
The kid´s diving courses PADI Bubblemaker and Seal Team first deal with the dive equipment that we humans need as land creatures to be able to cope under water for longer than one breath.
Absolutely necessary are mask, buoyancy jacket, regulator and a scuba tank, furthermore wet suit, fins and weights.
All this has to be assembled, worn and handled under water…
At the Seal Team course, the participants also receive a manual, in which the basics of diving are explained in a clear, child-friendly way. It also includes a logbook, in which the first dives can be entered.

So, it starts in the swimming pool…

… with putting on the diving equipment and a safe entry into the water. 
The diving partners “buddies” help each other with this. In the non-swimmer area, the first step is to familiarize oneself with the equipment: inflating and deflating the buoyancy jacket, blowing out the regulator and then: BREATHING UNDER WATER – a completely new experience!
Now we practice to let just enough air into the jacket with the inflator to achieve a neutral buoyancy in order to move weightless in the water.
With the fins – some already know them from snorkeling – you practice an efficient fin stroke for moving forward. From now on, the kids take over the swimming pool…
But what to do if there is suddenly water in the mask, or if it fogs up…?
Of course: simply “blow out the mask”!
When diving into the swimmer’s pool to a maximum depth of 2 meters, pressure equalization must also be practiced to relieve the eardrum from the water pressure…
For real water rats all this is no problem. They feel great in the water, as they can swim, snorkel, dive and now even with scuba tank and all that dive stuff…

After the five basic aqua missions, those who want more underwater adventures can complete 10 more aqua missions within the PADI Master Seal Team course, including underwater creature ID, environmental protection, navigation, night diving, search & recovery, underwater photography…
After mastery of the basic skills e.g. pressure compensation, neutral buoyancy or the effortless locomotion, these aquamissions in up to 4 meters depth can then be completed with additional equipment (compass, lamp, UW camera, buoy…)!

Finally, at the age of 10, kids can take the PADI Junior Open Water Diver course, which is the comprehensive and basic “diving certificate” where you get all-around training to go diving in the lake or the ocean in a buddy team.