Reef Check Eco Diver Course & Surveys

Reef Check Eco Diver Course at Red Sea Diving Safari, Egypt, July 2018

How about the next diving holiday …

… to participate in reef investigations and to collect scientific data? Exploring the diversity and relationships in the coral reef and helping to protect the coral reefs?

In July 2018, for the 10th year now, a “REEF CHECK Ecodiving Course and Surveys” will take place again from 10.-13.7.2018 in Marsa Shagra / Red Sea Diving Safari. After the course there are 5 surveys scheduled around Marsa Shagra, Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami. During the 4-day course, participants will learn and practice the Reef Check methodology, in order to collect important data about the health status of the coral reefs. During the Surveys we record the abundance of certain indicator groups of fish, invertebrates, substrate and human impacts along a 100m transect line. The Reef Check method was especially created to collect robust data and to track the manifold human impacts with a standardized method which can be used in all reef areas throughout the world. We will deal with the factors of the coral reef crisis and how becoming active.
The training dives and diving during the surveys is free, as Red Sea Diving Safari is an official sponsor of Reef Check.
After the course and the first survey on 14.7. we continue to Marsa Nakari, two more surveys are on the program here. In addition of course, fun diving at great dive sites, AND another highlight – the marine biologist, ranger / field researcher from Wadi El Gemal National Park, Ahmed M. Shawky will offer exclusively for us the new PADI Dugong Conservation specialty course!
Afterwards we move on to Wadi Lahami to enjoy the remote and unique reefs in the southern part of the Egyptian Red Sea. Here, two more surveys are on the program.

A special experience for anyone who wants to learn more about the coral reefs, to be active on holiday and would like to do something useful for our environment! Book now at Fish & Trips, Aqua Active Agency and Belugareisen.

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