Stephan Moldzio

Aquarist for over 35 years, the independent marine biologist deals with coral propagation and offers services in the field of marine aquaristics.
As a biologist, diving instructor and underwater photographer, Stephan Moldzio wants to captivate as many people as possible in the underwater world. Since 2009 he has been conducting marine biology workshops, microscopy courses for children, reef check courses and a reef monitoring program in Egypt. Other areas of interest are climate and global material cycles. Since his childhood he has been involved in environmental protection in various fields – as a biologist in lectures and also on the street. Of particular importance is the fastest possible switch to 100% renewable energies and a sustainable recycling economy in harmony with nature. It is his concern to inspire and encourage people to become active for the fascination of nature and especially of the oceans.


Sandra Moldzio

Since our company was founded in 2008, Sandra has been responsible for the bookkeeping, manages the office and also takes care of the supply of our aquariums.
She supports, advises and helps wherever necessary – she could also be called the “good soul” of GREEN CORALS. Sandra already got her diving license in 2005.
She loves nature and all kinds of outdoor sports such as biking, jogging, skiing and diving.

Johanna Schwarze

Johanna is particularly interested in green, photoautotrophic organisms – she studies biology in her Master’s degree and specialises mainly in plants. She joined GREEN CORALS at the beginning of2018 and helps with aquarium maintenance, microscopy and graphic design, fragments coral layers, and of course our planted rainforest root is in the best of hands. In her spare time Johanna likes to tinker with “Do-it-yourself”projects of all kinds or conjures up new vegetarian dishes in the kitchen and loves baking. A dwarf hamster lady still lives with her as an animal roommate.

Gritta Blau

Gritta is studying biology at the TU Braunschweig, her bachelor’s degree in biology.
Since September 2018 she has been supporting our team in their work on the aquariums – from cleaning the windows to measuring the water values to the production of coral rods. Her hobbies are Aikido and Origami.

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