The genus Acropora has a branch-shaped growth habit, possibly also table-shaped. The distinguishing feature is the large axial corallites at the end of a branch, which lead the growth of the branch. The radial corallites, at the edge of the branches are much smaller.

Acropora sp. `marineblau´

Acropora sp. ‘marineblau’ has a fine branched growth habit and belongs to the most robust Acropora. For us it is the classic entry species for this generally quite demanding genus. Not so this representative: It grows even with high nutrient concentrations and little light. At a very bright location it is bright blue, at less light deep dark navy blue colored. It grows fast, finely branched, with thin branches and can be placed gladly also in the edge areas of the tank.

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Acropora tumida `Enzmann´

Acropora tumida is a relatively robust species – and one of the first Acroporas that could be successfully maintained and propagated in marine aquaristics. Hence the name addition, from aquarist Enrico Enzmann. It is fast growing and soon forms large canes with irregular, medium-sized interlocking branches that form compact thickets with many hiding places. It slimes heavily when taken out of the water and one notes the typical “Acropora smell”.

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Acropora muricata `grün´

Acropora muricata (note name change: synonym “Acropora formosa”) is also a rather insensitive entry species for the genus. It grows relatively slowly and forms spreading stems with quite massive, approx. 2 cm thick branches (group “Large, deer antler-like species”). This makes it especially suitable for larger tanks, where it is welcome to be given appropriate space. The coral thicket offers hiding and swimming possibilities, as well as sleeping places for fish. 

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Acropora sp.7 `hellgrün´

Another quite insensitive entry species for the genus, which grows well and forgives many a slip in water values. It is light green in color and has blue polyps. It fluoresces very strongly under blue light – a real eye-catcher!

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Acropora sp. `pink´

A beautiful coral (just like all the others), but unfortunately a bit more sensitive… Needs a lot of light and nutrient-poor water.

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Acropora echinata

Acropora echinata is already a great coral – a real rarity for tanks where other Acropora already grow well. It grows quite slowly and needs good and constant water parameters, plenty of light and a moderate current. We have it in the color variants “blue” and “turquoise”.

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Acropora sp. `hellblau´

Acropora sp. `hellblau´is a delicate beauty and needs a lot of light. 

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Acropora hyacinthus `pink´

A table growing, delicate Acropora. 

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Acropora valida

Acropora valida belongs to the more robust Acropora, which can present a strong growth under good conditions. But also for it good and constant water parameters are of course obligatory, it also gets along with a little less light. Gladly also something “blue-heavy”.

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