GREEN CORALS Reefs & Reef Ceramics

In this section we offer various ready-made design elements for your reef aquarium.
Our GREEN CORALS reefs consist of a certain formation of reef ceramics, equipped with various beautifully grown coral scions [1] , usually in size medium (M) to large (L).

Due to our flexible plug-in system, the coral scions can also be placed afterwards at will, for example at a location with more or less light or a stronger or weaker current. Even if the coral has grown after some time, it may be useful to place it in a different location.[2]

We have been working with reef ceramics from the company Korallenwelt from Rostock for many years. There is a wide variety of reef design elements, from mini-reefs, columns, plateau caves or coral branches, to anemone caves and shell holders. We have also had the best experience with “Coral World” when designing complex reef structures. After only a short time, the reef ceramics are overgrown by a wide variety of green and calcareous red algae and later by other growth organisms.

[1] On request, we also offer smaller scion sizes at a lower price, and the species composition can also be varied as desired on request.
Just tell us the species you want and we will tell you the price increase or decrease.

[2] TIP: You can also remove the coral at the beginning and after a few weeks and weigh it outside the tank to determine the weight gain (calcification).

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