boot show – love your ocean 2020

GREEN CORALS at fair boot at the love-your-ocean initiative, organized by Deutsche Meeresstiftung, with many interesting actors from marine conservation and science.
After successful transportation and construction of the aquarium facility, some of our most beautiful GREEN CORALS đź’š went on holiday in DĂĽsseldorf for 10 days – as ambassadors for the worlds´ coral reefs! There was a broad variety of activities – boot4school, the Ocean Forum, presentations and workshops on the Waterpixel stage, lots of information, great insights into marine research e.g. of GEOMAR, as well as marine protection initiatives, live corals and marine animals, microscopy and experiments around the sea – here you can experience science up close!


In a short presentation “Can the coral reefs be saved?” on the Water Pixel Stage and a impulse speech at the Ocean Forum, we drew attention to the threats posed to coral reefs by the climate crisis, which are threatened by ocean warming and ocean acidification in their further existence as an ecosystem.

A poster just finished for the boat illustrates the gradual degradation of coral reefs.

This degradation is caused by repeated coral bleaching events and increased erosion. In the end the result is a “2-dimensional rocky shore ecosystem” in which fish, invertebrates and individual corals still exist, but which has a much lower biodiversity, productivity and ecological value and that has lost the ecosystem functions of a coral reef.
There was a lot of interest, good conversations and many questions among the visitors. For example, what does it mean practically when “the coral reefs are dying” and whether something can be done about it?

Yes, we can still save the coral reefs, but time is running out: 
CO2 emissions must go down as quickly as possible in the next few years and our economic and lifestyle must move away from fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energies.
More pressure must be put on politics and the economy to ensure that Germany, the EU (and other countries) lives up to its responsibility for the Paris Agreement and as a leading industrialised country, so that global warming does NOT exceed 1.5 degrees. Every tenth of a degree counts.
The scientifically supported claims of FridaysForFuture are a good guideline on how we can at least partially preserve coral reefs!

Another poster gives an insight into the Reef Check method and our more than 10 year reef monitoring program with the ecotourism pioneer Red Sea Diving Safari (RSDS) in Marsa Alam / Egypt. Since 2009, we have been running annual Eco-Diver courses with dedicated participants with 5 surveys (reef investigations) on the most important reefs of RSDS. The poster gives an introduction into the course and the surveys, with an overview of the different Reef Check indicators, as well as what data we have achieved so far and what these activities are important for: “We think this is a best practice example of sustainable eco-tourism that protects the reefs and natural resources, collects data on the condition of the reefs, raises awareness, supports the local population and culture, and provides a sustainable source of income for the local people

We also promoted our Marine Biology Workshops, next date the Coral Reef Workshop at Raja Ampat/Indonesia, 26th april to 10th may,  and our Reef Check courses and surveys at Marsa Alam/Egypt, next date 3rd to 11th august 2021.