Marine Biology Workshop

In august there will be again two „Marine Biology Workshops“ at Marsa Shagra / Red Sea Diving Safari, by now in the sixth year.

One 5-day workshop in german language, 8th -12th august (250 €) and
one 3-day workshop in english language, 15th -17th august (150 €)

The workshops are suitable for divers AND snorkelers, all age groups and no previous knowledge is required.

So they are especially suited for families or couples with one diver and one snorkeler. Therefore the dates are set during the summer vacancies this year.

The vivid and interactive workshops shall raise knowledge and awareness of these fascinating organisms and the multiple connections in marine ecosystems, investigating the coral reef by the participants themselves!

Learning about marine biology methods shall help the participants to deal with these topics further on by their own. Conservation, sustainability and knowledge about the today´s threats of marine ecosystems, especially coral reefs, are basic points of the course as well as changing and expanding the participants´ underwater perception.

For more information, please see the flyer and visit: