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Stephan Moldzio 
  • Diploma biology (biological oceanography, zoology, marine chemistry) and trained industrial mechanic
  • Founder GREEN CORALS
  • REEF CHECK scientist, REEF CHECK course director #74
  • Reefmonitoring and marine biology workshops since 2009
  • Underwater photographer, PADI digital UW photographer instructor 
  • diving since 1991, diving instructor PADI MSDT #339305
  • married, 2 children
  • environmental activist

The self-employed marine biologist is aquarist for over 35 years, deals with the coral propagation and offers services in marine aquarium.
As a biologist, diving instructor, UW photographer, Stephan Moldzio wants to draw the people under the spell of the underwater world. He has been conducting marine biology workshops, microscopy courses for children, reef check courses and a reef monitoring program since 2009.
Other areas of interest include climate protection and the global material cycles. Since his childhood he has been involved in environmental protection, in various fields – as a biologist giving lectures and also on the street.
To save our fascinating and gorgeous ecosystems on earth, we need to switch as fast as possible to 100% renewable energies and to a sustainable circular economy in harmony with nature.
He wants to inspire for the magnificence of nature and specifically for the oceans, to become active for conservation.

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