Microscopy workshops

Our microscope workshops are a great experience for children from 5 years, and they serve to develop interest and respect for nature.
“Ugh” and “Yuck” were yesterday. The fear of contact must be overcome, because only then one can understand and build love for nature.
Through patient observation and understanding – you can win a whole new perspective for these little creatures – eye to eye !
Each child receives a certificate at the end.

We have a proven concept for small groups of 4 children, each with 45 – 60 min. duration .
As the schedule is flexible upon your demands, shorter or longer sessions are possible, too, as well as other program items.
For events, a shorter duration of about 20 minutes per group is recommended so that as many children as possible can participate.
Look at the photo reports with the kindergarten here und here , or from the 26th Info day of the Fa. das aquarium.

More information on the Flyer.
Please send your inquiry to info@greencorals.de or here.

Here´s a short video:
Life in the waterdrop



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