Stephan Moldzio
Aquarist for over 35 years, the self-employed marine biologist deals among other things with coral propagation and offers services in marine aquaristics.
As a biologist, diving instructor, UW-photographer Stephan Moldzio would like to draw as many people as possible under the spell of the underwater world. He has been conducting marine biology workshops, microscopy courses for children, Reef Check courses and a reef monitoring program in Egypt since 2009.
Other areas of interest include climate and global matter cycles. Since his childhood he has been involved in environmental protection, in various fields – as a biologist at lectures and also on the street. Of particular importance is the fastest possible switch to 100% renewable energy and a sustainable circular economy in harmony with nature. His concern is to inspire for the fascination of nature and especially the oceans and to encourage to become active for their protection.

Sandra Moldzio
Sandra is responsible for the accounting, manages the office, takes care of homepage, store and shipping and also supplementary for the supply of our aquariums since our company was founded in 2008. She supports, advises and helps wherever necessary – you could also call her the “good soul” of GREEN CORALS. Sandra made her diving license already in 2005. She loves nature and any kind of outdoor sports, e.g. biking, jogging, skiing or diving.

Miriam Eck
Miriam supports us since January 2021 in media design, photo and video editing and social media. As a media scientist (B.A.), she brings her diverse design skills and experience to the colorful underwater world of coral reefs. Media also plays an important role in her free time: she enjoys attending film festivals, writing film reviews and discussing series.  She also enjoys hiking and loves nature. As a Girl Scout, environmental protection is very close to her heart.

Nadine Brammer

Nadine joined the GREEN CORALS team in Nov.’21. Here she takes care of all aspects of aquarium care, from regular water analyses, care and maintenance work to the production and shipping of coral plants. She is particularly interested in nature and environmental issues, such as man-made climate change, for which she also takes to the streets at demos. That is why she decided to study environmental sciences at the TU BS. She is currently writing her bachelor thesis at the Institute of Geoecology on the physical properties of green roof substrates. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and swimming or playing the guitar. schwimmen oder spielt Gitarre.

We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to our former employees for their dedicated support and initiatives in advancing GREEN CORALS.


Helen Fuhrmann

Helen has supported us from the beginning of 2017 until the end of 2018 in all areas of aquarium care, maintenance work and at various fairs and events, such as the fair Tierwelt, Fisch& Reptil, or marine bio events at the Tauchprofis and the Natural History Museum BS. A special task was the production of coral offshoots, which she produced as if on an assembly line. She also did her diving license with us. After completing her bachelor thesis on population genetics in endangered fire salamanders at the TU BS, she is now writing her master thesis in immunotherapy at the University of Münster.


Johanna Schwarze

Johanna has actively supported us from the beginning of 2018 until the end of 2019 with aquarium maintenance, coral fragmenting, microscopy and fairs / workshops. She has a special interest in green, photoautotrophic organisms – she earned her M.Sc. in Biology from TU BS in 2019, researching hormonal regulation of plants under UV-C stress. So of course our planted rainforest roots, mangroves and algae were in the very best hands with her. Currently Johanna is doing her PhD at the University of Dublin in Ireland on programmed cell death and mitochondrial killer proteins involved.

Bärbel Heise

Bärbel, as a graduate biologist (zoology) and long-time aquarist, has supported us from June 2020 to August 2021 with aquarium maintenance, water analyses, computer work and of course with the production and shipping of the coral scions. She is a lecturer in biology didactics at the TU BS and an educational specialist at the Natural History Museum in BS. She is interested in nature and gardening and self-organized trips around the world.


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