Why „Green Corals“?
Cause besides these you also have blue, red, yellow, pink & purple & violet corals?
– Because our home-cultivated corals have been grown with 100% renewable energy. No coal-burning, CO2-discharging fossil power plant and no radiation emitting and environment contaminating nuclear power plant have never ever been allowed to produce just even one kilowatt hour for our aquarium units!
In 2013, 73,2% of the electricity consumption of our marine aquarium facility was covered by our photovoltaic-power generation which we put into operation in 2012.
From beginning of march until end of October it covered even 100%. – That’s clean and renewable energy we are suppllied continuously by the sun – you just need to collect it! The remaining demand for energy, e.g. at night or during winter, as well as heat energy which is produced by an electrical heat pump, was supplied by the independent electricity supplier “Naturstrom”, where we are clients since more than five years.
Since then we´ve passed several hundreds of coral fragments to other marine aquarium keepers, thus, these corals have replaced corals taken out of the environment.



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