We are also happy to ship our corals directly to your home.
For the overnight dispatch we charge 30 €, from a commodity value of 300 € the supply is free.
Below you will find 15 different packages with 10 corals each.


  • Customer gets photo of the desired corals on a light grid plate on a scale sent and receives so size and weight.
  • Confirmation of the offer, agreement of a delivery date and advance transfer of the amount, e.g. by PayPal.
  • The box is picked up the day before only in the evening, delivery on the desired date by 12:00 at the latest by live animal express dispatch.
  • The corals are of course carefully packed, according to the ambient temperatures the Styroporbox Heatpacks are enclosed.


1-starterpack-hart-im-nehmen-710g Starter package “Hard in taking” 
only 269€  (incl. Express delivery)

These corals really put up with a lot before they pinch the polyps: fluctuating water parameters, high nutrient concentrations, little light are tolerated without complains.
This package is ideal for nano tanks, which usually have less stable water parameters and a higher fluctuation: In a short time the tank is beautifully covered!Tip:
Capnella, Pinnigorgia, Tubipora and Montipora sp.9 on the bottom, e.g. in the corners – they need little light and grow fastest.
Caulastrea and Zoanthus are happy about additional feeding with frost food Artemia or smaller. Zoanthus can spread a lot over time. Therefore it is best to place them on a separate stone and not in the middle of the reef structure.
The Pavona and the two other Montipora naturally thrive better in a brighter place, but they also get by with less light.  Montipora sp.3 is light grey with steel blue polyps in bright light, in low light it is rather dark beige… …
2-bunte-mischung-1-709g Colorful mixture 1
only 349€  (incl. Express delivery) 
3-bunte-mischung-2-733g Colorful mixture 2
only 399€  (incl. Express delivery)
4-sps-lps-mix-1-778g  SPS-/LPS-Mix 1
only 369€  (incl. Express delivery)
5-sps-lps-mix-2-773g  SPS-/LPS-Mix 2
only 399€  (incl. Express delivery)
6-montipora-spezial-mix-779g  Montipora Mix
only 329€  (incl. Express delivery)
7-acropora-spezial-mix-s-560g  Acropora Mix
only 449€  (incl. Express delivery)
8-acropora-spezial-mix-l-1147g   Acropora Mix
only 559€  (incl. Express delivery)
9-acro-monti-mix-s-620g Acro-/Monti-Mix 1
only 329€  (incl. Express delivery)
10-acro-monti-mix-l-1084g Acro-/Monti-Mix 1
only 429€  (incl. Express delivery)
11-acro-monti-mix-2-s-537g Acro-/Monti-Mix 2
only 429€  (incl. Express delivery)
12-acro-monti-mix-2-l-1104g Acro-/Monti-Mix 2
only 529€  (incl. Express delivery)
13-lps-basis-mix-731g LPS Basic Mix
only 459€  (incl. Express delivery)
14-lps-spezial-mix-811g LPS Special Mix
only 599€  (incl. Express delivery)
15-weichkorallen-mix-867g Soft coral-Mix
only 319€  (incl. Express delivery)


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