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Porites is one of the most common and important coral genera with over 100 described species. Their growth forms range from encrusting to branching and columnar to submassive and massive. The massive block corals are often found on the outer reefs, where they act as huge bulwarks defying the concentrated force of the surf and forming the foundation for the reefs. The branching growth forms are often found in sheltered lagoons right into the mangroves. Their extensive thickets provide habitat for countless small animals and nocturnal creatures, such as the enchanting mandarin fish that come out to mate at dusk. Unfortunately, all this has not helped Porites to a significant distribution in reef aquaristics, because – their coloration is mostly beige-brown…



Porites sp. `digitat´

The branching Porites is an extremely robust and grateful coral, which gets along with little light and tolerates increased nutrient concentrations. It is ideal for low-maintenance aquariums and nano tanks.


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