Here we go to the small polyp SPS species from the genera Acropora, Montipora, Seriatophora, Stylophora, Pocillopora and Porites.


The genus Acropora has a branch-like growth form, possibly also table-shaped. The distinguishing feature is the large axial corallites at the end of a branch, which lead the growth of the branch. The radial corallites, at the edge of the branches are much smaller.
As a typical inhabitant of outer reefs, Acropora usually needs clean, nutrient-poor water, plenty of light and good current. However, there are also robust species, which occur in nature, for example in lagoons. Their high demands on water quality and the continuous supply with carbonate, calcium and trace elements mean an increased maintenance effort, which is why Acropora are rather unsuitable for nano tanks.


Montipora is a very diverse genus with growth forms ranging from crustose to folios and submassive to branch-like. The very small polyps and the interstitial tissue can have the most different colors and also be differently colored. They are very grateful corals, mostly easy to care for and easy to grow.

 Sonstige SPS

The page “Other SPS” includes a total of 8 species of the genera Stylophora, Seriatopora, Pocillopora and Porites.

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