Horn and soft corals

Here you will find various leather and soft corals (Alcyonaria) and the horn corals (Gorgonaria), from the group Octocorallia, which in contrast to the stony corals (Hexacorallia) have an eight-rayed symmetry: The polyps always have eight tentacles, which are usually pinnate. With few exceptions, they do not form a solid calcareous skeleton, but only calcareous needles.


Plexaurella sp.

A beautiful horn coral that can also be fed well with fine frozen food, e.g. cyclops, or daphnia..

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Capnella imbricata

The so-called “Kenya Tree” is not a plant from East Africa, but a soft coral common throughout the Indo-Pacific and a veteran species in marine aquariums worldwide. Absolutely undemanding, practically “unbreakable”, it is ideally suited for the initial stocking of a tank in the start-up phase, for nano tanks, or for aquariums that are operated with a minimum of technology and little maintenance. However, it also has a rather high reproduction rate, so it should rather be placed in the shady, somewhat “worse places” and its spread controlled. Especially well it comes into its own under pure blue light.

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