Coral frags & propagation

Nachzuchtkorallen in Top-Qualität.


    • our offshoots are vital & firmly grown and well adapted to aquarium conditions

    • exclusively own “offspring”, grown under 100% renewable energies

    • over 80 species: SPS, LPS, Leder-, Weich- und Hornkorallen, Anemonen, as well as different Schnecken and Algen

    • Offshoots for every budget and experience level, from robust beginner species to real rarities and in different sizes

    • Not a single glass rose or majano anemone in our plant!

    • Coral sales directly to the aquarist and individual advice. We value the personal conversation and the exchange of experiences. Appointments by appointment only

    • Express shipping is no problem and we have 12 attractive offshoot packages for you on offer

    • For saltwater dealers (with proof) we have a changing selection of about 40 species of coral derivatives with discounts of up to 70% (on the final price) on offer.

Some cutouts from our offshoot tanks.

Here you can find an overview of our species, which we have permanently in the stock.


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