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Welcome to GREEN CORALS!


We produce coral nurseries and offer marine aquarium services. We plan and realize marine aquariums – from nano tanks to large show tanks. We are happy to advise you on setting up or expanding your marine aquarium.
Visit us in Braunschweig or have a look at our offer of offspring corals and aquarium accessories in our online store.

Breeding corals and aquarium accessories

Dive with us into the wonderful world of the seas!
You want to bring the breathtaking fascination and diversity of coral reefs to your home?
Then you are exactly right with us. Here you will find everything you need for your marine aquarium: offspring corals from over 80 species, fish, food, technology, aquarium accessories and much more.
We also reliably supply qualified aquaristic retailers in Germany and Austria with our varied GREEN CORALS assortment. You can find us in Braunschweig Kanzlerfeld.
A visit is possible at any time under 2G and contact tracking, for example, via the Luca app. In our online store you can order all corals and other beautiful products directly to your home. Just have a look.


We support you with our professional know-how in the planning and construction of your saltwater aquarium. So that it develops successfully from the beginning and expensive and nerve-racking missteps are avoided.
Even if you have problems with your aquarium, the stocking or the technology, we are at your side with help and advice.
Also a more extensive restructuring, a new start of your tank, or a move with a larger aquarium we will gladly tackle together with you.

Environmental and marine protection

The protection of the environment and the oceans is close to our hearts. We sell only offspring corals, grown under 100% renewable energy. In keeping and propagating the corals, we work resource-efficiently and try to implement the principles of sustainability and circular economy as far as possible. You can find out more about the advantages of offspring corals under About us. 


is more than just a coral farming company.  We want to share our enthusiasm for the oceans and the fascinating ecosystems. That’s why we also offer marine biology workshops, diving courses, microscopy and marine events, give talks and travel to trade shows. You can find more information under News or at MARINE BIOLOGY WORKSHOPS. We are looking forward to meeting you!

With salty greetings,


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