10 years – Die Tauchprofis

On 27.8.2022 “Die Tauchprofis” (actionsport Braunschweig), Dierk and Manfred celebrated their 10th anniversary with a diversified program around diving in the outdoor pool at Hemkenrode.
In these 10 years, the owners Manfred Schmitz and Dierk Drost have constantly expanded the dive store, held countless courses, sold diving equipment and thus paved the way for many people into the underwater world.

The weather was cloudy but dry, which meant that there were only a few bathers and it was possible to dive in all pools.
Manfred and Dierk had provided plenty of food and drinks and there was a barbecue, too.
Numerous diving friends, water sports enthusiasts and followers came to Hemkenrode. Also the previous owner Rainer Hartwig (until 2012 “Tauchsport Hartwig”) was there, who still manages the revision of the regulators and other technical equipment.
Various program points had been prepared by diving instructors in the team of “Die Tauchprofis” and there were enough compressed air tanks, as well as dive equipment, so that everyone could dive:

Andreas Hartwig presented the new rebreather “Horizon” from MARES, which is characterized by a relatively low weight and uncomplicated handling. With this semi-closed, Nitrox-powered system, you can make (decompression) dives to a maximum depth of 40 m and up to  a duration of four hours . In addition, he had brought two scooters, which can drag you under water and thus enabling longer distances with low effort. Especially in technical diving with several tanks this is a great relief. Andreas also conducts the rebreather courses at “Die Tauchprofis”.

Grischa Buchholz had prepared a “skill parcours”, where the participating divers could present different diving skills, whereby the execution of the exercises was evaluated by Grischa according to the 5-point system of PADI. At different stations the exercises could then be presented, such as mask off and on again, regulator recovery, pivoting and hovering. The last station was then “reverse juggling” with a spoon and tennisball, which was NOT allowed to shoot up to the water surface, having to dive a certain distance and through two hoops on time. At the end there was a award ceremony with prizes. Among the participants were three Junior Open Water Divers, who all did a great job according to Grischa.

Stephan Moldzio conducted a UW photography workshop. He had brought along various camera systems: from the compact camera that is waterproof to a depth of 18 m, to the already ambitious but still quite wieldy  system camera with interchangeable lenses, to the professional system camera with full-frame sensor. After a short presentation of the technical features and benefits, there was an introduction to the basics of UW photography, tips and tricks, as well as common mistakes when photographing. Then the cameras could be used  directly in the 4 m deep diving pool and sunk creeping sea creatures could be photographed. With and without flash, with zoom, ultra wide angle or macro lens. So the participants could practice and try to put the sperm whale fighting with the deep-sea squid, the crocodile or the coelacanth in the best possible scene.

A beautiful day around diving was coming to an end and after sunset everyone helped to pack up and clean up. Keep up the good work you diving professionals, thank you for the good cooperation & here’s to the next 10 years!

Underwater Photography Special Course

In September Stephan Moldzio will conduct a special course „PADI Digital Underwater Photographer“, which includes theory and practice, as well as two dives with camera.
As a prerequisite, you only need to be a snorkeler, or even a certified Open Water Diver. Questions and registrations please to 
 info@marinebiologyworkshops.de or here, or via “Die Tauchprofis