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Welcome to GREEN CORALS!

Get into in the wonderful world of corals – in your marine aquarium at home or in the fascinating coral reefs of mother nature.

In the menu item “News” you will find more than 50 blog entries of the last years (many blogs are available in English language, to be completed …), about our marine biology workshops, microscopy courses for children, events, fairs and aquarium specials. Just take a closer look!

We have more than 80 coral species in stock, exclusively homegrown coral frags, in good shape and size, guaranteed free of aiptasia or other pests, and grown under 100% renewable energies. So these are true GREEN CORALS.

Furthermore, we offer various marine aquarium services and also have a wide range of marine aquarium products, accessories, supllements and technology – everything you need for the successful operation of your saltwater aquarium.
We are happy to plan and realize your new coral reef aquarium together with you and according to your ideas!

Best wishes,
Stephan Moldzio

PS.(as of 14th august 2019): This page is still under construction. We’re working hard to complete the remaining content so just have a further look!

In the fourth quarter of 2019, our website will go online, which refers to our marine biology workshops, UW photography and diving courses.
Until then, a sub-page “marine biology” (available in english, too) is integrated on this website. 

Here you go to our Facebookseite with many photo reports.